Data Analytics Corporate Training - Tableau Specialisation

Data analytics is one of the most in-demand fields today, and this Corporate Training will help you in learning the in-demand skills to get into the data domain

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Data analytics is one of the most in-demand fields today, and this program will introduce students to the concepts of the field. We will begin with the basics of Data Core Concepts, Excel, and Python, and work up to advanced concepts like Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib to manipulate, transform, and model data. Besides data science, we will also cover dimension reduction and mathematics for data science. We will specialize in Tableau by the end of this corporate training.


  • Module 1 - Data Management Using Excel
  • Module 2 - Data Core Concepts
  • Module 3 - Python Mastery
  • Module 4 - Data Workflow using Pandas
  • Module 5 - Mathematics for Data Science
  • Module 6 - EDA and Dimension Reduction
  • Module 7 - Getting Started with Tableau
  • Module 8 - Tableau Mastery
  • Module 9 - Data Visualization & Storytelling
  • Module 10 - Building Tableau Dashboards using real-world Data
  • Module 11 - Tableau Speed and Performance Optimization

  • No prerequisites
What you will Learn ?
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with Data Analysis
  • How to avoid the challenges faced by people at the beginning of their careers

Lesson List


Corporate Training Welcome Kit

Discord Community Bonus
Data Corporate Tableau Orientation (31.05.22)

Module 1 - Data Management Using Excel

LIVE QnA Session 4 - (20.06.22)
Module 1 - Course Content
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Excel Interview Questions - QnA Session 1 - (21.05.22)
How to build a Personal Finance Dashboard using Excel - QnA Session 2 - (28.05.22)
LIVE QnA Session 3 - (04.06.22)
LIVE QnA Session 4 - (11.06.22)

Module 2 - Data Core Concepts

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Module 3 - Python Mastery

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Module 4 - Data Workflow using Pandas

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Module 5 - Mathematics for Data Science

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Module 6 - EDA and Dimension Reduction

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Module 7 - Getting Started with Tableau

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Module 8 - Tableau Mastery

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Module 9 - Data Visualization & Storytelling

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Module 10 - Building Tableau Dashboards using real-world Data

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Module 11 - Tableau Speed and Performance Optimization

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