Python for Finance Crash Course

Boost your Finance career with this kickstart course in Python for Finance. Learn Pandas, NumPy, YFinance for Financial Analysis

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Course overview

Introducing Python for Finance: Crash Course - one of the most interesting and quick-start courses to get started in coding for the finance industry.

Boost your finance career by developing this skill

If you are a complete beginner and you don't know anything about coding, don't worry! We will start from the very beginning. The first part of the course is appropriate for beginners and people who want to brush up on their Python skills. Once we are done with the basics, we will be able to tackle financial calculations and portfolio optimization tasks using libraries like Numpy, Pandas, and Yahoo Finance.   

Financial Data Analysis

Things only get better from here! Through the Finance portion of this course, you will learn real-world skills employers are looking for. It is important to specialize in a particular field of interest in order to become a high-paid programmer. You will learn how to get massive amounts of financial data and analyze the data using finance techniques

We will access data like:

  • Historical Price and Volume Data for one Stock

  • Setting specific Time Periods

  • Frequency Settings (Intraday)

  • Stock Splits and Dividends

  • Financial Indexes

  • Currencies / FX

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Mutual Funds & ETFs

  • Treasury Yields

  • Stock Fundamentals, Meta Info, and Performance Metrics

  • Financials (Balance Sheet, Cashflows, P&L)

  • Put / Call Options

Who this course is for:

  • Aspire to become a data scientist

  • Beginners in programming

  • Finance and investment enthusiasts

  • Finance-focused programmers

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to code and practice their skills

  • Graduates and professionals in finance like CA, CS, CFA, CWA, ICWAI, MBA, FPA, and CFP.

What will i learn?

  • Learn how to code in Python
  • Take your career to the next level
  • Work with scientific packages, like NumPy
  • Understand how to use the data analysis toolkit, Pandas
  • Use Python to solve real-world tasks
  • Carry out in-depth investment analysis
  • Use Yahoo Finance library to fetch financial Data
  • No Prerequisites
Curriculum for this course
29 Lessons 04:39:30 Hours
Getting Started with Python
8 Lessons 01:31:25 Hours
  • Python can be used for Finance?
  • Introduction to Google Colab
  • Getting Familiar with Kaggle
  • Writing Our First Python Program
  • Tokens
  • Variable & Multiple Assignment
  • Python Datatypes
  • Operators in Python
Numpy Crash Course
4 Lessons 00:46:00 Hours
  • Why Numpy? Numpy Array VS Python List
  • How to Use Numpy
  • Basic Operations in Numpy
  • Numpy 2D Array
Pandas Crash Course
4 Lessons 00:44:00 Hours
  • Intro to Pandas/Tabular Data
  • Inspection of Data
  • Built-in Functions, Attributes and Methods
  • Where we can get DATA From
Importing Finance Data using Yahoo Finance
11 Lessons 01:35:44 Hours
  • Getting Data of TESLA Stock by YFinance
  • Customising the Stock Data by YFinance
  • Stock Split and Dividends by YFinance
  • Exporting to CSV/ Excel File by YFinance
  • Importing multiples stocks and Financial Indexes Data by YFinance
  • Importing Currency Exchange & CryptoCurrency Data by YFinance
  • Importing ETFs and MF Data by YFinance
  • Stock Fundamentals, Meta Info and Performance Metrics by YFinance
  • Financials (Balancesheet, Cashflows, P&L) by YFinance
  • Put and Call Options by YFinance
  • Stream Real Time data from YFinance
Stock Market Analysis
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Capstone Project Stock Market Analysis
1 Lessons 00:02:21 Hours
  • BONUS for the students!
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