Business Intelligence Using Tableau Program

A comprehensive Tableau Program that helps learners to master the entire Tableau Platform - Public, Desktop, Prep, Online, Server and Bridge end-to-end

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Course description

Reasons why you should enrol in this Program?

  • Business Professionals need to visualize their company data.
  • It helps Individuals with little to no background experience in data analytics/visualizations
  • Helps Passionate individuals with interest in data analytics/visualizations
  • Helps Business Professionals were looking to obtain a career as a data analyst, scientist, etc.
  • Master the latest Tableau software for use in a professional business environment
  • Our learning methodology progresses gradually from essential to advanced concepts & follows the right mix of practical & theoretical concepts.
  • All your work will be documented and will help in building your portfolio.


Who is this Nanodegree for?

All learners, career upskilled, career switchers, students, freelancers & professionals are the right fit for the Program.


How is this course different from similar products on the market?

  • You will make a data-driven product at the end that will build your portfolio
  • All the files & reports will be documented that will increase your credibility manifold during any recruitment process
  • 24x7 support through our Discord Community
  • Weekly Q&A sessions directly with the trainer
  • Our placement assistant package is worth Rs. 2000 comes free of cost with this Program


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  • No prerequisites
What you will Learn ?
  • Build fast, scalable, and user-friendly dashboards with Tableau Desktop
  • Work with Data Blending in Tableau
  • Speak the language of data
  • Storytelling with data
  • Showcase your Tableau Desktop skills with unique, hands-on course projects

Lesson List


Welcome Kit

Discord Community Bonus
Tableau Orientation 20.03.22

Module 1 - Excel A-2-Z

Module 1 - Course Content
Access of Module 1

Module 2 - Getting Started with Tableau

Access of Module 2
Module 2 - Course Content

Module 3 - Tableau Dashboard Masterclass

Module 3 - Course Content

Module 4 - Data Storytelling using tableau

Module 4 - Course Content

Module 5 - Building Tableau Dashboards Using Real-World Data

Module 5 - Course Content

Module 6 - Tableau Speed and Performance Optimisation

Module 6 - Course Content
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Jobaaj Learnings

Jobaaj Learnings offer the best in class industry-focused programs to students. 

Our trainers have several years of experience in the respective field and work with leading companies. 

We are the pioneer of a personalised micro-learning education model in India.

Why micro-learning?

A rise in digital devices, fast internet, and a rapidly changing environment has made micro-learning the demand of an hour. 

We consider it the most effective method of consuming learning content & are on a mission of making professionals habitual of upskilling by stealing little time daily from their busy lifestyle.

The tutor has excellent knowledge of Tableau. This course provides a well-established curriculum, tr   Read More

Arti Mishra

Throughout the course, I have learned so many details that I am amazed at how much I have learned. T   Read More

Anubhav Singh

It is an excellent program for someone who has never worked with Tableau before, as it takes the lea   Read More

Anurag Singh

I highly recommend this Program. I have learned so much, so quickly! Learning the concepts has staye   Read More

Priti Tiwari

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