CFA Level 1 (All Subjects)

CFA level-1 exam is considered paradoxical in the sense that it is the easiest level of the CFA program and yet has the lowest clearing rate out of the 3-levels. The reason is a lack of structure and guidance. People starting out in the CFA program are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of syllabus. Consequently, only 40% of candidates clear the level-1 simply because they overcome the sheer syllabus through a proper structure, and effective guidance. In this course, you’ll be taken through a structured approach to traverse all the subjects you need to study for clearing your CFA level-1.

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Course description

This course is to help you clear the CFA level 1 exam by guiding you through a clear and structured method of traversing the vast syllabus of CFA exams. 

Each module is designed to thoroughly explore each topic and explain the subject matter with concise clarity aided by real-world examples. 

These modules are divided into the ten topics that Constitute the syllabus of your CFA level-1 exam. :

  • Derivatives

  • Corporate Finance

  • Economics

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Alternative Investments

  • Equity Investments

  • Fixed income

  • Portfolio Management & Wealth Planning

  • Ethics & Professional standards

    These training and study modules will help you understand these topics in-depth so that you can counter the exam questions practically and systematically. 

    Furthermore, concepts taught in these lessons are going to greatly help you in your further preparations for CFA level-2, and subsequently level-3 exams. 

    Along with these modules, you will also get access to detailed and systematically crafted notes on all the topics, and be provided with expert guidance on going through the exams.

    The level-1 exam of CFA will consist of 180 objectives MCQs that will need to be solved in two-time segments of 135 minutes each. 

    • No prerequisites
    What you will Learn ?
    • You will be taken through the topics right from the fundamentals to the advanced aspects of them.
    • You will be able to accurately solve 80% of the CFA level-1 mock papers/previous year papers.
    • Gain a practical understanding of business management and financial concepts
    • Acquire an understanding of corporate governance, capital budgeting, cost of capital, measures of leverage, and working capital management
    • Gain an understanding of fundamental topics like demand and supply, firm and market structure, economic growth, business cycles, monetary trade and capital flows, etc.
    • Learn about the time value of money, discounted cash flow applications, statistical concepts and market returns, probability and probability distributions, sampling, etc.

    Lesson List



    Access Classes of Derivatives

    Corporate Finance

    Access classes of Corporate Finance


    Access Classes of Economics

    Financial Reporting and Analysis

    Access Classes of Financial Reporting and Analysis

    Quantitative Methods

    Access classes of Quantitative Methods

    Alternative Investments

    Access classes of Alternative Investments

    Equity Investments

    Access Classes of Equity Investments

    Fixed Income

    Access Classes of Fixed Income

    Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning

    Access classes of Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning

    Ethical and Professional Standards

    Access Classes of Ethical and Professional Standards
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