Comprehensive Options Trading (COT) Program

India's 1st program structured to cover everything related to Options. Starting from the very scratch of what and why's of Options, learn everything about options from Beginner to Expert level.

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9 Hours 54 Mins
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Course description

This course has been developed in a complete structured way on Options Trading which will include Basics to Advanced Learning on Options + One-on-One support to help you transform from your current trading position to a profitable one. 

You will get access to 150+ Recorded Sessions along with 52 weekly Live Webinars on Options Trading.

Before Building Base options get Free complimentary access to our exclusive Technical Analysis Program worth Rs. 14,999/- to master your technical skills. Then we will move on to :

1. Decoding Options?

2. Why Options?

3. Understanding all Options Terms?

4. Options Greeks?

5. Moneyness of Options?

6. Options Chain, Open Interest and other important topics.

Options Strategies

1. Strategies based on Proficiency (For Novice | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert Traders)

2. Seven (7) Strategy Groups (Basic | Income | Vertical | Volatility | Sideways | Leveraged | Synthetic)

3. Total 60 Strategies (Intraday | Positional | Hedged | Naked)

All the above strategies will be discussed in extreme detail with in-depth analysis and Greeks relevant to each strategy.

Other Topics will be covered like :

Asset Diversification

No Brainer Recession-Proof Investment Strategies 

Risk Management 

Pledging and Leveraging

Free and Paid Softwares

Backtesting Tools and Techniques

Timely and Bleeding Adjustments

and a lot more..

This will be a complete course on Options and covers everything that you need to know.

Plus continuous additions are done to keep you updated.

The certificate will be given after completion of the Course.

  • No prerequisites
What you will Learn ?
  • Learn everything related to options
  • Develop your own option strategies
  • Generate additional returns on your existing investments
  • Knowledge and skills to trade options independently

Lesson List


Welcome Kit

Special Discord Community Bonus
Orientation Program

Learnings Recources

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Technical Analysis Essentials Complete Course (Hindi)


Introduction & History of Options
Decoding Options
Time Value vs Intrinsic Value
Moneyness of Options and Option Chain
Why Greeks, Delta
Digging Deep into Delta
Gamma Intro
Practical Application of Gamma, Color and Speed

Live Trading Sessions

Live Trading Session 1
Live Trading Session 2
Live Trading Session 3
Live Trading Session 4
Live Trading Session 5

Live Sessions

Live Session 1
Live Session 2 | Option Trading Strategy
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