Getting Started with Tableau

Become an expert in Tableau Data Visualization and Business Intelligence. Discover how to build professional dashboards in Tableau

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Course description

The course is designed specifically for those who do not possess a data background or experience and want to increase their efficiency in cleaning, preparing, and sharing data.

Tableau - what is it?

A key feature of Tableau is its intuitive nature, making it easy for anyone to learn. As a starting point, mainly drag-and-drop visualizations are used. I can accomplish what would normally take me days/hours in Excel in a matter of minutes with Tableau.

Additionally, you do not need to have any programming or data experience. As a matter of fact, you do not need to know any programming, which is what makes this tool so desirable for beginners.

In this course you will learn:

  • Overview of Tableau

  • Tableau Starter Guide

  • Live Connections, Data Extracts

  • Logic (Boolean) and Numerical Formulas

  • Text and Date Formulas

  • Quick Table Calc's, Filtering, Legends, and Mapping

  • Scatter, Analytics Menu, Forecast, Trends, Clusters

  • Exports, Dashboard Interactions, Dashboard Design

Who this course is for:

  • Basic to no experience with Excel

  • Business Professionals need to visualize their company data

  • Persons with scant or no background in data analytics or visualization

  • The pre-Excel users must learn how to handle and process data in a more efficient manner

  • Individuals where English is not their first language

  • Individuals who are passionate about data analytics and visualization

  • Professionals seeking careers as data analysts, scientists, etc.

  • No Prerequisites
What you will Learn ?
  • Simple Charts: Pie, Bars, Area and Lines
  • How to Filter your data with a few clicks
  • Aggregates: Calculating Totals, Average, Maximum, Minimum, etc.
  • Cleaning Data: Splitting combined data into multiple columns
  • Build maps in seconds using the double-click method
  • Create interactive dashboards

Lesson List


Overview of Tableau

Tableau: An Introduction
Overview of Tableau's Products
Tableau Desktop installation (free trial)
Getting started with Tableau Public

Tableau Starter Guide

How to get Data?
How to create a datasource in Google Sheets
Getting friendly with Tableau and connecting Data
Basic Data Operations
Dimensions Vs Measures
First Visualisation - Building Simple Bar Chart
Understanding Discrete and Continuous using Line Charts
How Show me can Help?
Bar Charts - Formatting using Tableau
Line Charts - Formatting using Tableau
Area Charts - Formatting using Tableau
Pie Charts - Formatting using Tableau
Formatting the Charts
Table Calculations
Buidling our First Dashboard
Exporting the Dashboard
Publishing the dashboard on Tableau Public

Live Connections, Data Extracts

Data Connection Examples Oracle Server
Automatic and Custom Splitting
The Impact of Changing Data Types Text to Numbers
More Pre-Filtering Options

Logic (Boolean) and Numerical Formulas

Aggregates and Different Ways to Create Them
Foundational If Functions The Big Mac Example
More IF Functions Null, IsNull (New Excel Download)
If Functions using AND and OR Functions
Rounding Formulas Round and Integer
The Absolute Function

Text and Date Formulas

Left, Right and Mid Text Functions
The FIND and LEFT Function Combination
Trimming Off Trailing Spaces
The Romanian Concatenate Function
How to Easily Convert to Upper or Lower Case Characters
Using the Replace Function
Extracting Year, Month and Day
Calculating the Difference between Two Dates
Today() vs Now()
How to Create your own Date Column

Quick Table Calc's, Filtering, Legends and Mapping

Quick Table Calculations: Using Directions in a Table
Quick Table Calculations: The Calculation Assistant
Quick Table Calculations: Refresher and Bonus Items
Before we do Filters and Legends, Let's Clean Up Shall We
Filtering Top and Bottom Method, Legends and Filtering Types
Mapping Features Multi-Map Views, Dual Axis Plots with Pie Charts, Keep On
Annotation Features Marks and Points

Scatter, Analytics Menu, Forecast, Trends, Clusters

Scatter Plots Colouring, Level of Detail and Shapes
Introduction to Scatter Plots and Parameters
Trendlines and the Different Types
Analytics Menu Aggregate Options with Table, Pane and Cell Variations
Forecast Modelling (DISCLAIMER)
Clustering Method

Exports, Dashboard Interactions, Dashboard Design

Fresh Data Set and Hierarchies on the Fly
Keep Only and Exclude Features Plus Export Methods
Additional Keep Only and Exclude Methods + CSV Export
3 Methods for Sharing and Exporting your File
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Anurag Singh

I have only been using Tableau for about a month and this is by far the best training. Easy to follo   Read More

Manish Dixit

A great course for anyone planning to jump into Tableau. Very beginner-friendly. It provides a solid   Read More

Afreen Khan

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