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Options are derivative instruments that are widely used in the financial markets due to their versatility and range of strategies that can be implemented whether on their own or in combination with other options and/or stock.

Options can be used to achieve different goals, some of which can only be implemented with options or options strategies due to their characteristics and special properties. Here are some of the practical uses for Options Strategies:

• Protection: Limiting the risk of large losses on existing assets (buying a Put, buying a Put Spread, etc)
• Speculation: Profiting from an underlying's bullish or bearish price action (buying a Call, buying a Put, etc.)
• Income generation on existing positions: Managing risk on existing positions to generate an income stream based on Options Positions (Covered Call, etc.)
• Leverage: Controlling a position worth a large notional amount with only a fraction of the required capital (buying a Call, buying a Call Spread, etc.)
• Diversification: Diversifying a portfolio's components using Options and their inherent low capital requirement (buying calls on Indices/ETFs , buying Puts on Indices/ETFs, etc)
• Flexibility in their use as Strategic Instruments: Profiting from changes in Implied Volatility, from the passage of time or from the magnitude of a price move regardless of its upward or downward direction (selling a Straddle, selling an Iron Butterfly, etc.)

It doesn't matter how extensive your existing knowledge of Options or Financial Markets is. In this course you will find all the tools you need to trade options efficiently and complement your existing portfolio or focus your entire methodology in the wide variety of options strategies that we will analyze conceptually, theoretically and in practice.

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  • There is no financial, mathematical or trading-related requirement to take this course and become the best Option Trader you can be
What you will Learn ?
  • Understand the foundations of Options in the Financial Markets and their practical uses as Strategic, Protection, Speculation, Leverage and Income Instruments

Lesson List


Section 1

Introduction & History of Options
Decoding Options
Time Value vs Intrinsic Value
Moneyness of Options and Option Chain
Why Greeks, Delta
Digging Deep into Delta
Gamma Intro
Practical Application of Gamma, Color and Speed
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