Options Trading Workshop

In 1+2 days live masterclass, learners were exposed to the essential concepts of technical analysis, options trading & stock market.

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8 Hours 21 Mins
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The 3 Days Recorded & LIVE Hands-on workshop covered the very core concepts in the field of Futures & Options trading. The trainer gave the learners exposure to the key conceps that are being used in the trading domain. Learners also had a live Q&A session mostly based upon how can they can become a full time options trader.

For queries mail at training@jobaaj.com or whatsapp at +91 73035 12500.

  • No prerequisite
What you will Learn ?
  • Fundamental of Options Trading
  • Become Full Time Options Trader

Lesson List


Day 1 (Recorded)

Introduction & History of Options
Decoding Options
Time Value vs Intrinsic Value
Moneyness of Options and Option Chain
Why Greeks, Delta
Digging Deep into Delta

Day 2 & 3 (Live)

Day 2 Recordings
Day 3 Recordings
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