Turbo-charged LinkedIn

Understand the hacks, tricks, tips, and a deeper understanding of LinkedIn with this workshop.

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Course overview

This workshop consists of modules, video lectures, tools, resources, and so much more.

This workshop is the ultimate guide to LinkedIn for students, job seekers, professionals, freelancers, businesses.

So if you are any of those, then pay attention!

In this program, you will be taken through the depths of Linkedin.

We will show you how to effectively use Linkedin, generate leads and job offers, and manage conversions from it.

Different aspects like profile optimizations, cold messaging, and pitching for conversions shall also be made clear.

However, the most important part of this program will be the LinkedIn hacks.

We'll be sharing some super cool LinkedIn hacks and tricks which will help you use some hidden capabilities of Linkedin and also use some features of Linkedin that are usually paid or come with Linkedin Premium!

We shall also be providing the following resources along with the video lectures:

A complete checklist of all the actions that you need to do to smoothly perform your LinkedIn optimizations and strategies.

A list of all the hacks and tools that will be mentioned in the video lectures.

A super cool copy of our very own formulated and curated LinkedIn message scripts that you can use for your outbound pitching campaigns.

Pretty cool, right?

Join in!

For any queries whatsapp us at +91 73035 12500 or mail at training@jobaaj.com.

What will i learn?

  • You will be able to leverage the power of LinkedIn !
  • No Prerequisites
Curriculum for this course
6 Lessons 01:51:30 Hours
6 Lessons 01:51:30 Hours
  • Revising back and some LinkedIn hacks
  • Turbo-charged LinkedIn for job seekers and students
  • Turbo-charged LinkedIn for businesses and freelancers
  • Linkedin Optimization Tools
  • LinkedIn Checklist
  • LinkedIn Outbound Scripts
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  • Awession Sessions !!!
  • Tusshar Tyagi
    Hi Vaibhav Thank you for teaching us so much in just 999 bucks. I attended all the 6 lessons of your Turbo-charged LinkedIn course and trust me this was the best workshop I ever attended. Looking forward to more such courses. Keep Hustling!
  • Arvind Gupta
    I have attended the "Turbo-charged LinkedIn" course by Vaibhav. He is an excellent instructor. He covers all the material in a light-hearted manner with great personal stories to keep it interesting. He is also very active on the discussion board, so you have the opportunity to engage with the instructor and ask questions.
  • Yogendra Pal
    This course is a must if you want to master LinkedIn and use it as a growth hacking tool. Vaibhav has so much knowledge on the topic and he shares it all in this course. I've never seen such a detailed and comprehensive course on LinkedIn
  • Aditya Parmar
    The course is amazing with crazy content plus growth hacks... Vaibhav knows what he is talking about. He is a master in the domain..Value for money in fact more than that.. Don't even think twice to enroll for this course. if you are someone who wants to use LinkedIn as a growth hack tool...
  • Sadiq Khan
    It's a really great course. I've been using Linkedin for a long time and I've been using it for my job and for my personal life, but after taking this course and following the materials and the exercises and doing the quizzes and the knowledge tests and everything else, I learned a lot of things that I didn't know before about how to use the tools and how to use the platform and how to work with it. Vaibhav's a great teacher and I highly recommend this course.
  • Rajat Indori
    I was looking for a way to use LinkedIn for my business and found this course. The course teaches everything I need to know about LinkedIn and how to use it effectively. It was never obvious to me how LinkedIn could be so powerful and I'm glad I took this course. I'm using LinkedIn for my business more now and am getting results.
  • Hrithik Bansal
    What you can get better then this @ this cost. Superb informative modules. Great Q & A doubt solving sessions. All Thanx to vaibhav sir. Learn alot never thought LinkedIn is that deeper.
  • Vikas Goyal
    The amount of knowledge I've gained from this course is tremendous! This course is a great way to polish up your LinkedIn profile and learn a few tricks to get more followers and connections. The course is broken up into many lessons and each lesson builds on the material you learned in the previous lessons. It's pretty cool when you get to see your profile improve as you go through the course.
  • Abhinav Mittal
    This course is very detailed and gives you the exact methods to increase your linkedin network from scratch. The course gives you a step-by-step guide to build a targeted list, a Linkedin profile that is a difference making machine and a lot more things. I've been in the business world for a while now and have been a member of linkedin for years, but I have never been able to utilize this platform optimally. I have been looking for a way to use linkedin to generate leads and I found this course to be a great one!
  • Prabhat Singh
    Worth the money! The value is more than what they charge for the course, It definitely not something which is gonna skyrocket your linkedin followings overnight but it'll surely polish your profile and equip you with cheats to navigate around linkedin.
₹3499 ₹1999